Kevin Anderson discusses 'irresponsible' report that said he was leaving Maryland for Stanford

Two days after denying a report in the San Francisco Chronicle that said he was set to become Stanford's athletic director, Maryland AD Kevin Anderson spoke to The Baltimore Sun about a hectic Monday in which he spent a lot of time dealing with repercussions of an "irresponsible" story.

Anderson, who was Stanford's director of annual giving for athletics from 1993-95, reiterated Wednesday that the report in the Chronicle was erroneous and that he hasn't "talked to anybody at Stanford, period." Anderson said he is completely committed to Maryland.

"I just wanted to make sure that everybody was clear that I'm the athletic director here and we're going into a football season that's going to define our program," Anderson said Wednesday. "And it's probably one of the most critical seasons that we have faced and that we might ever face with everything that's happened, so I need to have the student-athletes know I'm committed, we’re committed, but also our coaching staff. So that’s a concern of mine, and the other thing is going through what we did with having to discontinue teams and everything else. I don't want anybody to think, 'Oh, OK, so now he's jumping ship.'"

Anderson, a Bay Area native, said he's not sure how the inaccurate report out of San Francisco materialized. After speaking with a Chronicle editor, Anderson said it was his understanding that two Stanford sources confirmed the story. How that happened, Anderson will never understand.

"My problem and issue is that doesn't justify what happened," Anderson said. "I had a lot of staff and coaches, players upset, some alumni, supporters upset. There were probably some people who were getting ready to stand by and pack my stuff and help me leave. But that's what really concerns me because that's irresponsible."

Anderson originally signed a five-year deal with Maryland in 2010. The contract automatically gets extended one year every Sept. 30 unless he or the school objects. Anderson is paid $401,015 annually, in addition to incentives tied to graduation rates, athletic performances and fundraising.

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