Is C.J. Brown Maryland's new starting quarterback?

So is C.J. Brown your new starting Maryland quarterback against Clemson Saturday night? My gut says yes.

Maryland really likes his mobility. The running option puts pressure on defenses to have to instantly make the right choice when the quarterback begins to move away from the pocket.


You may remember a preseason story in which I wrote that Brown's 40-yard dash time is 4.42 seconds. That's striking for a quarterback.

I will always be clear in this blog on what I know for sure and what is merely  an educated guess. This is the latter.

What did DeNiro say in "Raging Bull?" "I heard things?" So yes, people watch and participate in Maryland practices and then I heard some things.  It's part of my job.  But I don't know who will start, and I'm not advocating here for either guy.  I like them both, and we all know what O'Brien is capable of from last season and what kind of person he is.

Randy Edsall is the only one who knows who will start, and – like many coaches in this situation -- he doesn't want to detail his pregame thinking. He has said the decision won't be made until Saturday night. You wouldn't think Maryland would go that far into the week without having a good idea who will start. But he clearly wants to keep Clemson guessing.

Edsall said of Brown tonight on his radio show:  "He made some really good reads on the zone read we had in (against Georgia Tech) and really gave us a spark. We're fortunate that we have two very good quarterbacks."

No matter who starts, Maryland knows it must improve its passing game. The passing yardage totals have declined for four consecutive weeks -- from 348 against Miami in the opener to 87 last Saturday.

Feel free to weigh in…as always.

Final note: LB Kenny Tate is again listed as doubtful this week.