'It was no fun,' Turgeon says of Maryland loss

Patience --that is what is going to be required of Maryland coaches, players and fans this season. It's not always a quality associated with basketball coaches.

Mark Turgeon is a realist. I've written before that the Maryland coach knows what he has on the team this season -- and what he lacks.

Turgeon has said the most important thing this season is for the Terps to improve along the way. That's what piqued hm tonight -- that he didn't see growth offensively. That his team  wasn't good at sharing the ball.

Turgeon was overtly calm after Maryland's 62-42 loss to No. 16 Alabama in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. He's said it doesn't serve his players well for him to throw public tantrums.

But Turgeon can get pretty animated. And tonight you could sense his frustration as he sat in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico interview room and described a night that was anything but pleasant, even in a season in which the bar is appropriately set low.

Consider this comment: "I think we're too selfish to be any good offensively."

Maryland got few good looks at the basket against a defense that is quick to come at you with double-teams.

But how many times have you seen this? A team that is being harrassed finally gets some open shots -- and misses.

All things are contagious on a basketball court: good shooting, poor shooting, selfish play.

The only upside for the Terps? They get to wipe this game from their memories because they play again Friday (6:30 EST) against Colorado.

"It was no fun sitting over there," Turgeon said after the Alabama loss. "I cant wait to wake up tomorrow and play another game."