Maryland has more resources to hire football coach this time, president says

In a meeting with The Baltimore Sun editorial board, University of Maryland, College Park President Wallace Loh discussed the firing of football coach Randy Edsall and what's next for the program.

On the coaching search


"We joined the Big Ten and ... a reason for joining is money. ... We are in a very different situation than when we let go of [Ralph] Friedgen and we hired Randy Edsall. It was at a time when we were facing a major financial crisis. ... The choice of the next coach is going to be absolutely critical. ... Kevin Anderson now has the tools to do it. He did not have the tools back then."

On who decided to fire Randy Edsall


"It is the decision of the athletic director. But, you know, you do talk. You do consult with the president. You touch base. I mean, I don't believe any athletic director's going to fire a head coach in football without at least talking in advance to the president. I think the hiring of the next coach is going to be the same."

On what Maryland will look for in the next coach

"So, the question becomes 'what kind of coach do we want?' I think ... a coach that plays an exciting brand of football, wide open, that has the personality to relate to the kids. And they are kids -- 17, 18 when they arrive. The personality to project themselves well vis-a-vis the boosters, vis-a-vis the media.

"You have to have an outsized personality here. It's not just knowing the X's and O's. Thats why you have the Jim Harbaughs the Urban Meyerses. But my sense is that when people see that we're in the Big Ten, we're in the big leagues now, and it's about football. It's not about basketball, it's about football.

"No. 2, that we have significant new revenues coming in. No. 3, that we are going to have an indoor facility. ... We can have a decrepit Byrd Stadium, but you only use Byrd Stadium five times a year or so. But those kids use an indoor facility every single day. What draws them here is the indoor facility, not Byrd Stadium.

"With the Big Ten Network and that exposure and, of course, the connection with Under Armour, I would think that this is one of the most attractive jobs in the country for somebody who is ambitious and willing to take risks.

"I mean, this is not going into a school with an established reputation like Michigan and Ohio State. But the potential for growth, the potential of this being another Oregon. ..."