Terps offensive coordinator Mike Locksley defends quarterback C.J. Brown

COLLEGE PARK — Shortly after Maryland's 52-7 win over James Madison, Terps senior quarterback C.J. Brown sat in front of a group of media and called his performance against the Dukes "unacceptable."

Brown ran for 61 yards and three touchdowns, but he finished just 11 of 24 as a passer for just 111 yards.


Unacceptable, according to Brown.

But to Maryland offensive coordinator Mike Locksley, Brown "did a really good of managing the offense" while making some savvy plays that don't show up on the stat sheet.


"Did he leave a few plays out there? There's no doubt about it," Locksley said Wednesday. "But I think the thing that really [sticks out] is all the little things that you really don't see."

Locksley referenced three plays in particular.

The first was the Terps' first play from scrimmage. James Madison came out in a defense that Maryland had not seen, but Locksley said Brown checked the Terps into an option play that running back Brandon Ross ended up picking up 11 yards on.

"He did that on his own," Locksley said. "That let me know that, hey, this guy is starting to understand things, what you would expect from a sixth-year senior."

The other two plays were throwaways when Brown got pressure from James Madison's defense.

"Some of the best plays he had were two throwaways when he didn't give up sacks," Locksley said. "Throwaways come out as incomplete passes. But if you don't give up sacks and don't give up negative plays, that's being smart with the football."

Locksley also talked about the plays Brown made in the run game as well as the success the Terps' offense had while Brown was in the game.

"You look at his percentages. And all I know is this, he led us down the field for [38 points], made some plays in the run game and made some throws there," Locksley said.


Was it a perfect performance? Absolutely not. Throwing-wise, it was probably closer to "unacceptable" than it was ideal. But Brown did do some good things. And like Locksley said, there are positive things that Brown does that do not necessarily stick out to the casual observer.