Stoglin announces plan to stay a Terp; now, can he mesh with Turgeon?

Sophomore guard Terrell Stoglin tweeted today that he's returning for another year at College Park.

That's great news for Stoglin's development, but is it great news for the Terps?

Stoglin gradually grew on me this season. At the beginning of the year I posted a blog about whether Stoglin was going to become the next Greivis Vasquez or the next John Gilchrist.

At the time, I thought he was leaning toward Gilchrist - a talented player who thought he was better than he really was and would bring an average Maryland team down.

By the end of the season, I was leaning toward him becoming more like Vasquez - a player whose passion was often misconstrued for ego and who actually lifted the Terps to borderline respectablility despite having little ACC talent around him.

Stoglin, who finished the year as the ACC's leading scorer, is clearly not ready for the NBA and, because of his size and questionable point guard skills, might not ever get to that level. But at least he's giving himself a chance to improve his game, something Jordan Williams didn't do by leaving after his sophomore year last season.

Now comes the question: given what Mark Turgeon did in his first season, what he has coming back next season and the talent he has coming in, will Stoglin fit into the kind of team Turgeon is trying to build? Just as Nick Faust (City) had to change his game this season, Stoglin is going to have to change his next season for Maryland's good - and his own.

Having been around Stoglin a bit this season and seeing his relationship with Turgeon evolve, I think he will figure out that he doesn't have to score 20 points a game (and take 20 shots a game) for the Terps to be good. The more he can become more of a point guard, the better it will be for Stoglin regarding his NBA future.

With Pe'Shon Howard now rehabbing a serious knee injury, I think it would serve Stoglin well to work on his ball handling all summer in case Howard is slow to return to form. (I am not sure how to judge Howard this season given that he missed the first and last month of the season with injuries.)

I also think it would be better for Faust if he knows he is going to be getting the majority of his minutes at shooting guard - his natural position - and for Turgeon to divvy up the time among what is now a big, deep but still inexperienced front court.

Personally, I think Stoglin made the right move coming back and I think it is going to be good in the long run for Maryland.

But I know plenty of people who don't feel the same way.