Four-star tackle Isaiah Prince still weighing Terps, Alabama and Ohio State, coach says

Later today, Eleanor Roosevelt offensive tackle Isaiah Prince will sit down with his family, discuss the pros and cons of the final three schools he is considering and decide where he will play his college football.

The four-star prospect, who is considering Maryland, Alabama and Ohio State, will announce his decision Wednesday morning on national signing day.


As of Tuesday morning, Prince's coach Tom Green believes the 6-foot-6, 270-pound Prince has yet to make a final decision.

"I think he's still weighing his options," Green said in a telephone interview. "He's fresh off his Maryland visit. Of course, like most teenagers, when he got back from Alabama, he was gung ho about that. When he got back from Ohio State, he really loved them. When he got back from Maryland, he really loved them. He's 17, and they're all are good programs and have a lot to offer. He just has to sit with his family and figure out what's the best fit for him. I don't think he can go wrong. With the position he plays and his talent, I don't think he can go wrong at any of the schools, to be honest."

Prince orally committed to Alabama during an official visit Jan. 16 and cancelled official visits to Ohio State and Maryland before deciding to visit both schools and to make a final decision afterward.

"He went down to an unofficial to Alabama and really liked it, and he went down on an official and really liked it," Green said. "But again, officially, he had only seen Alabama. So I think what they have to offer, it's so much that he just felt like it was a great opportunity for him. But when he talked to his family, he realized that he needed to not just look at Alabama and kind of weigh his options like all the other top recruits are doing in the country, weigh your options and make sure that it's not just the best school but that it's the best school for you."

Prince took an official visit to Ohio State on Jan. 23 before going on an official visit to Maryland this past weekend.

"He enjoyed it," Green said of Prince's visit to Maryland. "He really liked it. He's been on campus a lot. We have two of our former players, two linemen that played for us that are on the team at Maryland, a tackle and a guard already that play for them, so he's real familiar with those guys, and they have a lot of local guys on the team, so there's quite a few guys that he knows up there. I think that helps."

I asked Green what percent chance he thinks there is of Prince choosing Maryland. His answer?

"It wouldn't be fair for me to say because he hasn't told me," Green said. "I think because he's down to three schools, I think they all probably have an equal chance. It would be hard for me to say, to be honest."

Proximity and the chance for immediate playing time are two factors working in Maryland's favor, although Alabama and Ohio State are both more prestigious football schools and have both told Prince that he will have an opportunity to immediately compete for playing time as well.

"It starts with location," Green said of Maryland. "You've got to think, we're in Greenbelt at Eleanor Roosevelt. We can almost throw a rock and hit Maryland's campus. We're less than 10 minutes from campus. That's part of it probably. The academics at Maryland are really strong. They're graduating a lot of kids since [coach Randy Edsall] has been there. And also, there is the chance of playing early. Everyone makes that recruiting spiel that you can play early. But realistically, I think you look at Maryland's roster and you look at film of those guys playing, I think he possibly could have earned some playing time as a high school senior at Maryland."