Gary Williams shows up at Maryland Madness

Gary Williams showed up at Maryland Madness Friday night at Comcast Center. I didn't know he would be here.

Williams had often said he didn't want to upstage new coach Mark Turgeon. In keeping with that, he said he planned to see his players from the 2002 team and then “I’m out of here.”
Williams said this is the time of year he misses hoops -- the preseason teaching time when a coach bonds with his players.
Williams, who retired in May, has had a life of hoops. "My first team I ever played on I think I was 8 years old. So it's been that long. It's different [being retired]."
He wore a jacket and tie, by the way, and was not sweating.
Other Madness notes:

*Greivis Vasquez flew in and played in the alumni game. A fan yelled, "Pass the ball," at him.

"I love my fans, man,” said Vasquez, who did his trademark shoulder shimmy for the fans during the game. “That’s why I’m always going to come back.”

*Turgeon and the current players were introduced and appeared on a stage bathed in laser lights. Turgeon took a microphone and spoke about Maryland’s “great tradition and great history.” He then handed the microphone to senior guard Sean Mosley, who said the Terps, 19-14 last season, were anticipating a turnaround.  

Later, Turgeon said of Gary Williams: "Tough day for him. No practice for the first time in 43 years."



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