ACC locks in Maryland-Virginia basketball rivalry

The ACC announced today that schools will have not one, but two "primary partners" in basketball once Pitt, Syracuse and Notre Dame are in the conference.

A primary partner is a school that you play twice every season -- home and away.

Maryland's previously known partner was Pittsburgh. Now the Terps will also have Virginia locked in for two games each season as part of its 18-game league schedule.

It all means, of course, that there will be fewer Maryland-Duke games. The Terps will still play Duke and every other ACC team once a season, but only very occasionally will Maryland and the Blue Devils meet twice in the same season.

The changes will be effective when the new schools join the conference -- not this season.


In football, the conference said it will retain its eight-game conference schedule.

The conference also announced changes to the ACC hoops tournament. It said there will be  three games on Wednesday, four games each on Thursday and Friday, two semifinals on Saturday and the championship game Sunday.

Here, from the ACC, are each schools' primary partners:

Boston College - Notre Dame and Syracuse

Clemson - Florida State and Georgia Tech


Duke - North Carolina and Wake Forest

Florida State - Clemson and Miami

Georgia Tech - Clemson and Notre Dame

Maryland - Pitt and Virginia

Miami - Florida State and Virginia Tech

North Carolina - Duke and NC State

NC State - North Carolina and Wake Forest

Notre Dame - Boston College and Georgia Tech


Pitt - Maryland and Syracuse

Syracuse - Boston College and Pitt

Virginia - Maryland and Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech - Miami and Virginia

Wake Forest - Duke and NC State