ACC determines no 'targeting' foul committed against Terps QB C.J. Brown

Maryland quarterback C.J Brown looks to thrown under pressure from Florida State's Levonte Whitfield.
Maryland quarterback C.J Brown looks to thrown under pressure from Florida State's Levonte Whitfield. (Jeff Gammons / Getty Images)

Officials were correct not to call a targeting penalty on the hit that caused Maryland quarterback C.J. Brown to suffer a concussion in Saturday’s 63-0 loss to Florida State, according to a review by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

But the review found that a "roughing the passer" penalty would have been warranted, a source said.

The play was reviewed by Doug Rhoads, the ACC's coordinator of officials, as part of his weekly review and at Maryland's request.


Rhoads has completed his review and determined that Florida State defensive tackle Jacobbi McDaniel's hit doesn't fall within the definition of targeting because he didn't hit the quarterback with the crown of his helmet, according to an ACC spokesperson.

The hit on Brown in the second quarter did not draw a penalty.

The ACC specifically addressed targeting rules but did not comment on whether there could have been any other potential fouls. The conference says it does everything possible to minimize injuries.

The spokesperson said it asked an NCAA official to review the play, and that the official also did not find that it contained targeting a defenseless player.

However, a second source  -- not connected with the ACC -- said the review found that it would have been appropriate to call McDaniel for roughing. The source said the NCAA official -- Rogers Redding, the coordinator of officials -- agreed with that assessment.

Brown had completed his release and his right arm was at his side when McDaniel, who is 6 feet, 295 pounds, appeared to launch into the quarterback's upper chest. Brown's head snapped backward and he twisted in the air, landing face down.

Brown seemed vulnerable because he was being held around the waist by Florida State linebacker Christian Jones before McDaniel arrived.

The quarterback is "day-to-day" and it is uncertain if he will play against Virginia on Saturday.