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Not this roadside attraction

Just about every day, I drive past a sign advertising the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, but my curiosity has not yet gotten the best of me.

I’m not quite sure what a jungle garden is, but I’m guessing it’s a place where you walk around looking at plants, which has never been one of my top entertainment choices. Of course, I appreciate that plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, especially with all this concern about the rise in global CO2 levels, but I don’t appreciate it enough to stop at a tourist spot to thank them.

But just to be open-minded, I went to the Jungle Gardens website and confirmed that this 73-year-old roadside attraction is a great place to not only look at exotic plants and trees, it also features exotic animals like flamingos and crocodiles.

That’s great, but this is Florida, where you can see the occasional alligator in your backyard if you leave the gate open, so I’m going to stick to the tourist sites around here where they have animals that you can eat.

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