Peter G. Angelos talks about new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles principal owner Peter G. Angelos was the first baseball executive to speak publicly about the election of Rob Manfred as Major League Baseball’s 10th commissioner Thursday evening at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore.

“Long day, but worthwhile,’’ he said. “I think the owners elected a very confident, strong, strong leader, and I think he’s going to make some real difference in the future, and he can build on the accomplishments of the previous administration.”

Angelos confirmed that the owners got stuck on 22 of the 23 votes necessary to reach the super-majority necessary to elect Manfred, but ge said that always was going to be the outcome.

“There was a long delay before the 23rd vote came in, but it did come in, and it was expected it would come in,’’ Angelos said. “Because it started out he had a large majority, despite the excellent quality of the other two -- the other two don’t have his background and success, but they’re both young and have a long way to go.             

“We supported Rob, and we think he’ll do a fine job. The other candidates were excellent also, but he’s got the experience and everyone is looking to him to solve the problems that baseball has and to expand on the success of baseball.”             

Angelos said he’s hopeful that the Orioles will get to host the 2016 All-Star Game, but he said the MASN dispute was not discussed during his dinner with the other owners Wednesday night.

“That’s another matter,’’ he said. “That’s a court matter. We’ll talk about that later. Right now it’s an occasion for celebration.”

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