Though it's easy to extol the virtues of Matt Wieters behind the plate, especially with the challenges he faces managing an ever-changing pitching roster, the Orioles need more from him in the batter's box. He delivered a huge hit last weekend to win a game and drove in three runs this week -- two of them with sacrifice flies -- so he's definitely contributing, but he's considered one of the top offensive catchers in the league and this is the point in the season when the Orioles need him to show it. He was just 3 for 19 last week, which combined with a big two-RBI double by backup Steve Clevenger, gave the Orioles five RBI from the catching position. That's not bad -- especially in a week when the entire outfield drove in just four runs -- but everybody is going to have to step up for the Orioles to scratch back into the second wild card position. Grade: C
Patrick Smith, Getty Images
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