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Schmuck: Mike Elias has not been officially named Orioles GM, but he's still creating quite a buzz

Though all remains quiet in the B&O Warehouse, unconfirmed reports that the Orioles are soon to name Houston Astros assistant general manager Mike Elias their new director of baseball operations is already giving the team some street cred.

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Schmuck: Joe Mauer's retirement brings an emotional end to Ron Shapiro's career as a sports agent

When six-time All-Star and Twin Cities native Joe Mauer announced his retirement Monday, it wasn’t front-page news around here, but it was the end of an era for the Minnesota Twins and the end of an incredible journey for Baltimore-based sports agent Ron Shapiro.

Shapiro still wears a lot of hats.

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Schmuck: Too soon to give up on Ravens, but beleaguered fans need to prepare for worst

During my misspent youth, I used to wear a clever button that testified to my indifferent attitude toward the expectations that oppressed me and the innumerable frustrations presented by the world at large.

It read: “Since I gave up hope, I feel much better.”

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Schmuck: Orioles' executive search, MASN hearing make November a critical month for franchise

Baseball’s free-agent market opened for business this weekend and the Orioles still appear to be a few weeks away from naming a new baseball operations chief, but don’t be alarmed.

This was never going to be a big free-agent offseason for the Orioles, so the deliberate search for Dan Duquette’s replacement — and eventually a new manager — isn’t as time sensitive as it might be under different circumstances.

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Schmuck: Firing Durkin was right decision, but there's no excuse for how badly situation was handled

It was certainly fair to wonder what the University System of Maryland Board of Regents was thinking when it announced Tuesday that DJ Durkin would be reinstated as Terps football coach.

Now, it has become apparent that the regents were not thinking at all.

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Schmuck: Believe it or not, Ravens' Bradley Bozeman was bullied as a kid and is still fighting back

At first glance, you wouldn’t imagine that Ravens rookie Bradley Bozeman would have a first-person story about bullying.

The same goes for Nikki Hegstetter, a former University of Alabama basketball star who is 6 feet 2 and can literally see eye-to-eye with the 320-pound NFL lineman she will soon marry.

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