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Schmuck: Joe Angel waves bye-bye with a look back at his terrific broadcast career with Orioles

If you asked Joe Angel to put his four-decade broadcast career into perspective, I think we all know where he would put it.

“In the win column!”

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Schmuck: Orioles open camp with a new look, but there's still room for veteran leadership

It has been obvious since July that this spring would be all about the kids, but new Orioles general manager Mike Elias and rookie manager Brandon Hyde made it clear Tuesday that the handful of veterans on the roster still can have a big impact on the organization’s budding rebuilding effort.

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Schmuck: Orioles fans will have to trade expectations for intrigue this spring

The Orioles are going to open spring training this week and — quite understandably for beleaguered O’s fans — workouts will begin at the Ed Smith Stadium complex under a cloud of apprehension.

Everyone knows that the organization had to push the reset button.

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Schmuck: Frank Robinson wasn't easy to get to know, but he was certainly worth the effort

Frank Robinson was one of the toughest players in the history of baseball, but the hard shell you had to break through to get to know him was just a very effective disguise.

I found that out the hard way soon after I was hired by The Sun to take over the Orioles beat in January of 1990. The team was coming off its heart-warming “Why Not?” season and I was excited to get started.

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Schmuck: Hey MLB, why don't you put a three-hour time limit on every game and get it over with?

Since it’s too late to keep fans around here from having to watch every painful minute of the Orioles’ record 115 losses last season, I’ve got no patience for the latest effort by Major League Baseball to shorten the average time of game.

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Schmuck: We love to hate the Patriots, but you can't deny that they are the NFL's greatest dynasty

Like many of you, I’ve grown weary of the New England Patriots.

They are, quite frankly, too good, and the combination of their pretty boy quarterback, grouchy genius of a head coach and historically advantageous competitive environment has contributed to a national case of Patriot Derangement Syndrome.

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