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Will another NFL coach be fired during season?

Trend sets that tone

Dan Pompei


Chicago Tribune

It is possible teams will follow the Jaguars' lead and start their offseason housecleaning during the season.


It used to be that NFL teams waited until the season ended to do their dirty work. But it seems a trend has begun. Last year four teams fired their coaches before the season ended, as Brad Childress, Josh McDaniels, Wade Phillips and Mike Singletary bit the dust early.

People in the know would put the over/under at eight for coaching changes during and shortly after the season.

Among the vulnerable appear to be Jim Caldwell of the Colts, Steve Spagnuolo of the Rams, Tony Sparano of the Dolphins and Norv Turner of the Chargers.

Just a matter of time

Mike Berardino

Sun Sentinel

When the Jaguars fired Jack Del Rio this week, it sent aftershocks throughout a dozen NFL facilities.


The Jaguars haven't just put themselves out front in the race to hire a "superstar" coach such as Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden or Jeff Fisher. They have reminded other eventual eliminations from the playoff hunt that the clock is ticking.

Who will be the next coach to go? Could be Jim Caldwell of the winless Colts. Norv Turner is through with the Chargers. Andy Reid, Steve Spagnuolo, Tony Sparano, Raheem Morris, Todd Haley, Leslie Frazier — all should be renting, not buying.

Now that the Jags have acted, it's just a matter of time before another franchise joins them.

Chargers' coach next?

Athan Atsales


Los Angeles Times

The Vikings' Leslie Frazier, the Colts' Jim Caldwell and the Rams' Steve Spagnuolo are feeling the pressure of horrible seasons. But the only coach who might get fired before the end of the season would be the Chargers' Norv Turner.

His team has been a notoriously slow starter each season but this fall started an impressive 4-1 before tailspinning into six consecutive losses, the first such losing streak since 2001.

Plus the team is buying back tickets every week to avoid local TV blackouts. Not much to see here. If the Chargers' avalanche of losses continues, Turner might not make it to the new year.

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Turner is toast


Kevin Van Valkenburg

Baltimore Sun

Norv Turner's tenure in San Diego has been one long, slow, five-year descent into mediocrity, and at this point, the Chargers don't even have the right to call themselves mediocre. They're just bad. If Philip Rivers actually had been injured, maybe a six-game losing streak would be understandable. But Rivers insists he's healthy. His team, however, is barely on life support.

Turner always has had a brilliant offensive mind. But Turner's biggest weakness has been that he doesn't inspire a lot of passion in his players. They've checked out on him, and it's time to serve the players notice that this kind of milquetoast mediocrity won't be tolerated going forward.