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Was Bucs' final play vs. Giants classless?

Broke unwritten rule

Dan Pompei


Chicago Tribune

What the Bucs did on the final play of the game against the Giants didn't break any rule in the NFL's Official Playing Rules. But it broke an unwritten rule, a rule about sportsmanship, respect and safety.


On one hand, you can admire what Greg Schiano did. He tried his best to win the game until the clock expired. On the other hand, you can disapprove of it.

The Giants weren't ready for blocks at their knees, and they were fortunate none of their offensive linemen nor quarterback Eli Manning was injured. What the Bucs did caught the Giants by surprise, which is what made it so dangerous. The next time an opponent of the Bucs takes a knee, they'll be ready.

Play until final whistle

Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

Youth football players are taught to play to the final whistle. And it's re-emphasized at every level of football. That's simply what the Buccaneers did against the Giants. I know to some people it looked like a cheap shot against Eli Manning, but what would a day in sports be without someone from a New York team whining about something?

Greg Schiano is a college coach learning the ropes in the NFL. What the Bucs did Sunday was a college move. It wasn't classless. I'm sure when Tom Coughlin was coaching in college, his teams did things that he never would do in the pros. Maybe the next time the Giants take the victory formation, they'll be prepared for anything. But they'll probably still whine about it.


Coughlin was classless

Joseph Schwerdt

Sun Sentinel

It's never classless to play hard until the end of the game. But there was plenty of blame to go around after the Bucs defense rushed the line during the Giants' game-ending kneel-down.

Shame on the Bucs for ambushing a defenseless opponent. Everyone on the Bucs defense knew the unwritten kneel-down rule and ignored it. They are lucky they didn't take out a knee. And shame on the Giants offense for taking the situation for granted


Shame, too, on Tom Coughlin for his midfield tongue-lashing of Bucs rookie coach Greg Schiano. If anything about this situation was classless it was the way Coughlin made a public spectacle. Is that any way to teach a young coach how to act in the NFL?

Be prepared for anything

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Athan Atsales

Los Angeles Times

When the Buccaneers tried to crash the Giants' kneel-down formation to run out the clock, it certainly looked bush league.


But, then again, these tactics often look out of line until it works. How silly did coaches once look calling timeouts a second before a field-goal attempt to freeze a kicker?

The encounter looked worse because the Giants were not prepared.

If this tactic to get a turnover is to work, the other side must be caught off-guard, so that part of the strategy did work. If the center mishandled the football on that play, you can bet every team would practice how to attack the kneel-down formation the next week. Isn't the NFL edict to play to the last whistle? So better be prepared for anything.