Defenses will adjust

Aaron Wilson


Baltimore Sun

It was a masterful debut for Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, practically perfect as he outdueled Drew Brees.

So, what's next for the dynamic rookie?

Defenses will make some adjustments to try to curtail his impact. They'll study his tendencies to find a hole in his game, if one even exists.

Once there's a larger body of work of Griffin III, someone will devise a way to at least contain him. Remember, there are better defenses out there than the suspect Saints.

Based on his talent and work ethic, though, I don't see him not keeping up the good work after one of the best games by a rookie in NFL history.

He'll be entertaining

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

Take a deep breath. Week 1 is always the week of overreactions. "Team X is great/horrible. Player X is unstoppable/a bust."

Robert Griffin III had a spectacular debut, but let's not go off the deep end. Defenses will refine how to scheme him, and he'll have good weeks and bad weeks. That's what happened to Cam Newton last season after he set a rookie record by throwing for 422 yards in his debut.

The scary thing with Griffin is he's pretty thin, and he throws his body around with abandon. He's playing behind a shaky line with a rookie running back, too, so the Redskins have to be extra nervous about keeping him healthy.

That said, the next few weeks of the schedule set up nicely for him, and he will be highly entertaining with the football in his hands.


Peaks and valleys

Omar Kelly

Sun Sentinel

Like all rookies Robert Griffin III will experience highs and lows, peaks and valleys in his first season.

Some games his play will remind the world why he won the Heisman Trophy. Then there will be instances where he struggles like the rest of the quarterbacks in his rookie class.

Out of all the rookie quarterbacks, he's behind center for the best team.

As long as RG3 takes care of the football, the Redskins have the playmakers and defense to make a playoff push.

Unfortunately, Griffin's team is in the NFC East, the toughest division in the NFL. But winning the division is a possibility if Griffin can find a way to stabilize his play.

Landscape shifting

Brad Biggs

Chicago Tribune

Robert Griffin III did what few thought was possible by going into the raucous Superdome and outdueling one of the game's finest quarterbacks, Drew Brees, in a shootout.

The landscape in the NFL is shifting with rookie quarterbacks experiencing success. Andy Dalton helped guide the Bengals to the postseason a year ago and Cam Newton set records with the Panthers.

It's impossible to put a ceiling on Griffin at this point. He plays in a tough division on a team that most believe is in the process of rebuilding around him. But the energy he's brought the organization and his playmaking ability, at least on one afternoon, make competing in the NFC East certainly a possibility.