Packers vs. Ravens

Dan Pompei


Chicago Tribune

In the NFL, the team with the best quarterback usually has the best chance of going all the way.

So that's why the Packers have to be the favorite in the NFC. Aaron Rodgers is on top of his game and clearly was the NFL's finest passer in 2011. The Packers also were the NFL's best team for the entire regular season, winning 15 games. They might not win 15 again, but they could win the ones that count this time.

In the AFC, it could come down to the Patriots, who have the best quarterback in their conference in Tom Brady, and the Ravens. The Ravens might be able to overcome the Patriots this year because it appears that Joe Flacco is ready to take another step in the team's new souped-up no-huddle offense.

Packers vs. Ravens

Athan Atsales

Los Angeles Times

It will be the Ravens' Joe Flacco vs. the Packers' Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl. Considering that matchup at quarterback, who wouldn't like the Pack to win another Vince Lombardi trophy?

Flacco has had difficulties getting over the AFC playoff hurdle, so once he gets Baltimore to the big game you can bet there will be more lessons to be learned about playing on the biggest of stages. Rodgers already has passed that test.

Although it will be low scoring since the Ravens are quite stingy on defense, have to believe Baltimore's conservative offense will be no match on the scoreboard compared to the multifaceted Green Bay arsenal.

Packers vs. Ravens

Paul Doyle


Hartford Courant

The Packers — the team that looked destined for a title back in Week 12 of 2011 — seem poised to avenge their failure and get to the Super Bowl. With Aaron Rodgers leading a high-powered offense and a potentially improved team that will benefit from an influx of youth, the Packers have the look of a title team.

Can the Patriots return to the Super Bowl after losing to the Giants last year? As good as Tom Brady is, the offense concerns us and the defense seems to lack playmakers.

We'll go with the Ravens, still an elite defensive team. Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will churn out enough offense to carry Baltimore to the Super Bowl, where they'll lose to Rodgers and the Packers.

Packers vs. Texans

Aaron Wilson

Baltimore Sun

Whether your preference is Texas barbecue or Wisconsin cheddar, tailgating will take on a distinct flavor as the Texans and the Packers meet in Super Bowl XLVII.

The Texans are headlined by all-purpose running back Arian Foster and a tough-to-stop zone blocking scheme. Foster is complemented by the passing tandem of quarterback Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.

The Packers are still stinging from their playoff loss to Giants after a 15-1 season. This time, quarterback Aaron Rodgers will propel the Packers back to the Super Bowl with receivers Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings and Randall Cobb and tight end Jermichael Finley.

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