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What's the next stop for Ochocinco circus?

South Beach needs talents

Omar Kelly


Sun Sentinel

Let us play connect the dots.


The Dolphins are in need of solid, proven playmaking receivers, and general manager Jeff Ireland wouldn't rule out adding one after the draft.

Ireland loves to explore acorns, and Ochocinco, a native of South Florida, seems to have just fallen off a tree in New England.

Ochocinco grew up loving the Dolphins and often attended Miami's home games during his bye weeks.

Considering how unproven the Dolphins' receiving unit is, this just makes too much sense. The problem is the Dolphins worked hard this offseason to build a team-first mentality. Ireland must decide whether the Dolphins have enough talent. That will determine whether Ochocinco is worth the hassle.

Antics fit on reality TV

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune


Ochocinco's next stop should be reality TV. The NFL party is over for the 34-year-old, or should be. Ochocinco's talents have dried up.

If Patriots coach Bill Belichick couldn't find a way to get anything out of him, it is doubtful anyone could. People forget Ochocinco also had a down year in 2010, which led to his exit from the Bengals.

Complicating matters for Ochocinco's future is the fact he takes a while to learn an offense. Veterans don't have the luxury of taking their time learning a new system. Either they contribute immediately or they have no value.

Ochocinco's charm and personality should carry him through to the next phase of his life. He is a born entertainer, made for MTV, E! or Oxygen.

Raiders, Jaguars top bets


Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

Ochocinco doesn't need to wait by the phone. Although he'll probably wind up with another NFL team, the market for his services is softer than frozen yogurt in the sun. His stint with the Patriots did him no favors. He absorbed that playbook as if it were written in German. Any 34-year-old receiver has lost a step, and Ochocinco needs to be in a familiar system for the best chance of making a meaningful contribution.

The Raiders could be a possibility, with his old quarterback Carson Palmer at the helm. There's the Jaguars, where former Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski is drawing up the game plan. Oakland and Jacksonville have new head coaches, though, and they might not be interested in bringing the Ochocinco circus to town.

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Retirement is inevitable


Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

Which career are we talking about here? NFL career? That's over. Entertainment career? He needs to call old buddy and fellow out-of-work wide receiver Terrell Owens and figure out a reality TV show. T.O. and Ocho? Nice ring to it, but let's hope it does better than the real show with the Bengals in 2010. That one bombed.

Let's face it. Actually, Chad, you need to face it. You're done. The NFL career is over at 34. When you were one of the best wide receivers in the league, we could tolerate your act. Now that you're just another mediocre, over-the-hill wide receiver we don't need to tolerate you. Your numbers from last season with the Patriots: 15 catches for 276 yards and a touchdown. That's with Tom Brady as your quarterback. It's time to hang it up.