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Will Tebow be a help or distraction for Jets?

He can help win games

Tom Yantz


Hartford Courant

Tim Tebow will be a distraction, but he will help the Jets. You can start with that lavish press conference Monday to introduce their "backup" quarterback. The Jets know the power of Tebowmania. That's why the new conference, televised live on ESPN, was Monday. It could have been Saturday or Sunday. But the Jets didn't want to go against the NCAA tournament. The sports world Monday was all about Tebow.


Tebow, the distraction, will bring immense attention. So what? The same happened at Florida and Denver, but his teams often won. Mark Sanchez will be forced to improve or he'll lose his job. Competition is good. The Jets will deal with Tebow, the flawed passer, and Tebow, the distraction, because he can help them win.

Tebow will be versatile

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

Tim Tebow will be a help to the Jets. And he will be a distraction. That's the paradox with Tebow.

The Jets obviously believe the distraction he brings will be worth it because of what he can do to help them win. The way Tebow can help the Jets most is by serving as a multipurpose player. He can be the No. 2 quarterback behind Mark Sanchez. He can run a wildcat package. He can line up at H-back. And he can play special teams, especially as a personal protector on punts and as a holder on kicks.

There is no doubt this is a talented athlete who can make valuable contributions. But there is doubt as to whether or not Tebow can be a full-time quarterback who passes his team to victory.


Not a good ingredient

Athan Atsales

Los Angeles Times

The Jets locker room already was divided, and now Tebow is added to the mix? Not a great ingredient. Santonio Holmes openly complained about the play of Mark Sanchez last year (the rest did so behind his back).

This offseason the Jets make a pitch for Peyton Manning. Once that plan fails, the Jets decide to show Sanchez a sign of faith by extending his contract three seasons. Well, that stability didn't last long, did it? Now, with "Timsanity" lurking over Sanchez's shoulder, every incomplete pass, every flub will be followed by chants of "We want Tebow!"


Considering the Jets' only direction seemed to come from finger-pointing last season, the last thing they need is another side show.

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Sanchez can handle it

Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

If used the right way, Tim Tebow can definitely help the Jets. He's a winner and he's a natural for the type of wildcat offense Tony Sparano, the new Jets offensive coordinator, liked to run in Miami.


Tebow should see somewhere between seven and 10 snaps a game. Inside the 10-yard line, he'll be a great change of pace from Mark Sanchez, who doesn't run the ball and is a target for opposing defenses when he can't get the ball out quickly.

The media will be a distraction, but Sanchez has had to deal with the New York media for three years and has survived. Other than running the ball, Sanchez is a far more gifted quarterback than Tebow.