Who replaces Reid — and where does he go?

Zimmer, Chargers

Sam Farmer


Los Angeles Times

I don't see Andy Reid taking a break from coaching, considering he hopped right back into it in the immediate aftermath of his son's death. He's a workaholic, and that almost certainly helps him cope with his grief. It's conceivable he could wind up in San Diego, but the Chargers probably would be turned off by his recent record and that he'd likely be looking for too much control.


Still, that's a possible landing spot. As for the Eagles, they'll likely look at Bruce Arians, Bill O'Brien, Dirk Koetter, and Chip Kelly. But considering what a defensive disaster they were this season, they should take a hard look at Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

A rich man, a year off

Jeff Otterbein


Hartford Courant

Andy Reid knows no other way of life, and many teams know no other way than to hire someone with a history in the league. The Chargers have been mentioned but some now doubt that scenario. If it takes a year, he'll have the $6 million the Eagles owe him. But as Monday unfolded, openings piled up.

Reid's replacement in Philly has the rumor mill going full speed. From TV guys Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher leaving the booth (aren't they always mentioned) to Bill O'Brien (Penn State) and Chip Kelly (Oregon) leaving the college ranks, to a number of assistants, including Bruce Arians (Colts; has Philly connection from his Temple days), there are a lot of names being thrown around. And good money will get thrown around too.

Holmgren, a sabbatical

Omar Kelly

Sun Sentinel

The Eagles are a talented team that came apart at the seams. Andy Reid failed to get the most out of the NFL's version of the "Dream Team" and it led to his demise.

His team lacked the motivation and seemed distracted all year. That's what happens when a good leader suffers something tragic like the loss his child.

Reid will rebound, and might do it in San Diego. But he'd probably be wise to sit out a season or two.

As for the Eagles, they need a player's coach who can get the most out of talent, someone with a proven record.

Mike Holmgren did that as the coach of the Packers and Seahawks before failing as the Browns' executive. The Eagles would provide him an opportunity to prove he's still got the magic touch.

Roman, Chargers

Nick Fierro

The Morning Call

Keeping in mind that this is all guesswork, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman is the choice here to replace Andy Reid, and Reid will wind up in San Diego. Roman is somewhat local, being from the Jersey shore.

In addition, he has had experience and success running a traditional offense that catered to the strengths of former starting QB Alex Smith and a spread option that takes advantage of current starter Colin Kaepernick's skills.

A move to the Chargers makes sense for Reid, a Los Angeles native who, despite recent results, can get a team with some veteran leadership (such as the Chargers) playing at a maximum level. He can provide them with an intangible they've lacked since Junior Seau.

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