QB Joe Flacco puts workouts with his new Ravens receivers on his summer agenda

To put his summer to good use, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has a time frame on his promise to get his receivers together for a throwing session.

“[The plans] are not for sure cemented, but I’m going to be getting in touch with Mike [Crabtree], Willie [Snead] and Smoke [John Brown],” Flacco said. “I thought about doing something really close right now to minicamp, but with the work we’ve put in over the past four weeks, I want to get these guys a quick break before we actually get together. But it’s going to happen quickly because I’ve got to be back here in, like, a week.”

When Flacco hosts his throwing session, it will only be the second time in 10 years that the quarterback has done so. The only time previously was seven years back, during the NFL lockout.

With a revamped receiving corps, there’s a heightened need for it.

“The good thing with these guys is they come up to you and say, ‘Hey, Flac. You text me, we’re out there.’ So we’ll be getting together, and it’ll be good for us,” Flacco said.

The Ravens were 27th in the NFL in yards per game (305.4) and 29th in passing yards per game (189.4) last season, so Flacco’s new receivers are eager to build chemistry with him.

“From afar, I knew he had a huge arm. I know when he had great receivers around him, he was able to do some really good things like leading a team to a Super Bowl,” Snead said. “Getting to know him personally, he’s a very open guy, very social. He’s willing to get to know his teammates and I think that’s huge for a quarterback, getting to know the new guys, the young guys and just open to conversation.”

Last season with New Orleans, Snead had just eight catches in 11 games, Crabtree had 58 with the Oakland Raiders while Brown caught 21 in Arizona. The Ravens are hoping they have something to prove.

“It’s always good to work the precision of the passing game,” said Harbaugh, who will open the team’s training camp on July 19. “I think Joe really likes these guys. These guys are chomping at the bit.”



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