Staff picks for Sunday's Ravens-Browns game in Cleveland

Staff picks for Sunday’s AFC North game between the Ravens and Browns in Cleveland:

Jen Badie

Ravens 28, Browns 13

The Browns are still winless, and the Ravens need this game to keep pace in the wild-card race. They beat the Browns, 24-10, in Baltimore in September, and the Ravens offense has improved since then. And if the Ravens can’t beat this team, they probably don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

Edward Lee

Ravens 23, Browns 13

This is the type of game that can trip up a team with playoff aspirations dancing in its collective mind. But the Browns just don’t have the ammunition to prevent them from falling to 0-14.

Mike Preston

Ravens 27, Cleveland 20

The Browns will play hard because they have a new general manager in place. If not, they would’ve folded weeks ago. Regardless, the Ravens will find a way to win. If they don't, the Browns will create one for them.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens 30, Browns 13

This isn't a slam-dunk, but the Ravens have to win out and the Browns aren't going to be the team to stop them. Look for the defense to get back on the turnover hunt and end the suspense early.

Childs Walker

Ravens 27, Browns 17

The Browns would love to pick up their first win against a division nemesis, and they’ll make it competitive. But the Baltimore defense has wrecked lesser quarterbacks.

Jeff Zrebiec

Ravens 24, Browns 16

I fully expect there to be some anxious moments for the Ravens, but they usually find a way versus Cleveland, no matter how ugly it looks. The Browns aren't opposed to helping their opponent, either.

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