Tandon Doss takes blame for dropped balls in end zone

Tandon Doss doesn’t get as much playing time as other wide receivers in the Ravens offense. But that didn’t prevent him from chiding himself for dropping two balls in the end zone in Sunday’s 24-9 win against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Wildcard playoff round.

On second down-and-goal from Indianapolis’ 5-yard line in the second quarter, Doss ran an in route from the left side of the formation, but quarterback Joe Flacco’s pass glanced off Doss’ hands as he dove at the goal line. On the very next play, Flacco tried to connect with Doss again in the back of the end zone, but the second-year receiver couldn’t corral the pass.

“Touched my hands,” Doss said of the throws. “I’ve got to make them. … Got to make them. That’s what I’m paid to do. So that’s on me.”

Doss finished the game getting targeted three times by Flacco, which tied for the second most this season for the 23-year-old receiver. He said he was appreciative that Flacco threw to him in the third quarter.

“He kept coming back to me,” Doss said. “Didn’t make the catches that I needed to make, but it definitely felt good that he trusted me.”

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