Sean Considine finding his role within Ravens defense

When Tom Zbikowski – and to a lesser extent, Haruki Nakamura – left the Ravens, the team wasted little time signing Sean Considine to a free-agent deal.

And after offseason workouts and training camp, Considine is listed as starting strong safety Bernard Pollard’s backup on the defensive depth chart.

“It’s kind of what I had in mind, and as far as contributing on special teams and doing things in that area, that was definitely the idea when I came here,” said Considine, an eighth-year vet who has also played with the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. “It’s good. As long as I go out there and do my job and get guys lined up and do my thing, you build trust and confidence with the coaches, and I think that’s reflected in the depth chart.”

But Considine is also well aware of the flexibility of those depth charts, and with fourth-round pick Christian Thompson waiting in the wings, a prolonged stretch of mistakes or non-production could force the coaches to reconsider.

That’s why Considine was critical of his play in Friday night’s 27-12 preseason loss to the Detroit Lions. Considine was the deep safety when wide receiver Calvin Johnson slipped past cornerback Cary Williams and hauled in a 57-yard pass from Matthew Stafford in the second quarter.

“Maybe if I could do it over again, I would’ve maybe cheated more instead of playing the deep middle of the field,” Considine said. “I definitely would’ve cheated more to his side and maybe discouraged Stafford from throwing the ball. … That was a good learning experience.”

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