Ricky Williams accepts role

Ricky Williams didn’t join the Ravens under the pretense that he would usurp Ray Rice as the team’s featured tailback.

Instead, Williams said he is comfortable being the change-of-pace back that he presents in a two-man rotation with Rice.

“I think that’s the way it’s been,” Williams said. “My role kind of changes each game. Whatever we need, if Ray gets tired or it’s time to close out the game and ray’s had a bunch of carries, it’s whatever they need me to do to try to step in and do it.”

But Williams acknowledged that coming off the bench hasn’t been entirely easy.

“It’s an adjustment, but I think it makes me a better player,” he said. “When I got in towards the fourth quarter, I hadn’t touched the ball at all today, but I just tried to keep my head in the game, and it all worked out.”

Williams, by the way, scored his first touchdown as a Raven, powering his way four yards into the end zone in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 29-14 win against the Houston Texans. It was the final score of the contest.

“It felt good, especially because of the timing of the game,” Williams said. “It really put the Texans away. So I’m so happy.”

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