Ravens' Ed Reed is starting to get the hang of Twitter

Ed Reed is starting to get the hang of Twitter, and the Ravens free safety continues to use the social media site to speak out on his contract status, which now is clearly the reason for his absence from mandatory minicamp.

Reed didn't have any activity on Twitter from April 11 to June 29. But in the past two weeks, he has Tweeted more than a dozen times. One of those Tweets is being scrutinized by local and national media. That has drawn the ire of Reed, who is unhappy with all the media attention. But fans want to know if Reed is going to show up at training camp in two weeks, which is why reporters like me are trying to decode his not-so-cryptic Tweets.

You can follow along with Reed’s Tweets here, but if you’re too lazy to click that, here is what you’ve missed.

Saturday @ 6:14 p.m.: “Back home with my son, he's riding his bike an I'm doing yard work! Tell the bosses I'm comfortable!”

Monday @ 5:20 p.m.: “We tweet about our camps with kids throughout offseason why That never makes espn, http://nfl.com  etc... This probably won't get a RT”

Monday @ 5:23 p.m.: “Build people up, not tear them down.”

Monday @ 5:25 p.m.: “Players that have2be smart business men,in a business that don't care an inch about them though we grind for that inch-notalwaysrightbutreal”

Monday @ 5:35 p.m. (this was him re-Tweeting a fan named @FaithDeller): “The media only picks out the negative. Controversy is what they hunt out. Haters gonna hate. Just gotta rise above it.”

Tuesday @ 3:16 p.m.: “Y'all believe money really make a difference to the families that lost love1's bc of football? Some people just want us to entertain them!”

Tuesday @ 3:35 p.m.: “$,it matters that's y it's a busines w/ two sides to it and the players r wrong, but we on the field and getting RELEASE at any point”

Tuesday @ 3:39 p.m.: “Anyone I'm tweeting workout today in this weather?If you didn't stop wasting my time man, if u not motivating ur tearing down that'snotright”

Tuesday @ 4:17 p.m.: “Im out of here peeps you all have a bless day! 20 Pick”

[Blogger’s note: When does training camp start again?]

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