Mike Preston: Terrell Suggs should sit against Redskins

The Baltimore Sun

There is speculation that Pro Bowl outside linebacker Terrell Suggs will attempt to play in Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, but I don't see where it will help the Ravens much.

Suggs has missed practice this week so far with a torn right biceps and might be able to play with the help of some type of harness. At this point, it is difficult to see how a harness will help. We're talking about a torn biceps here, not a separated shoulder, like former Ravens outside linebacker Peter Boulware was able to play with because of the brace/harness.

Plus, Suggs is nowhere near the top of his game. He played well against the Houston Texans, his first game back from a partially torn Achilles tendon, but he hasn't come close to that level since. He has been decent against the run and certainly able to hold the edge better than the other outside linebackers, but he hasn't gotten a lot of pressure on the quarterback. He doesn't have the burst or acceleration.

I just don't see him being able to add a lot this week. Knowing Suggs, he will make every attempt to play and he doesn't care about the risk of another injury. That's not his style. He is a total team guy and has been that way since recommitting himself years ago.

Suggs at 80 percent is still better than most players at his position in the game, but that's not true when it drops down to about 70 percent.

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