Harbaugh won't censor players regarding upcoming game vs. Jets

With the New York Jets scheduled to visit M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday night, the potential for verbal exchanges between the Ravens and Jets in the days prior to the game might be high.

And while engaging in long-distance dispute could be a distraction, coach John Harbaugh said he has no plans to censor his players this week.

“We always tell our guys to be themselves,” he said. “We don’t tell them not to say anything. We encourage them to be their best selves, and I think our guys are pretty good guys. Our guys are classy guys. I’m sure our guys will have fun with it. I don’t think you hear too much [that’s] malicious coming from our guys. Our guys like those guys. But it’ll be good laughs, listening to what’s coming out of New York, and we’ll be looking forward to it because it’s always funny, it’s always entertaining, and that makes it more fun.”

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