Ravens QB Dennis Dixon on Chip Kelly being hired by Eagles: 'I'm in awe'

The Baltimore Sun

When Ravens practice squad quarterback and former Oregon star Dennis Dixon got word that the Philadelphia Eagles had hired Ducks coach Chip Kelly as the replacement for Andy Reid, his first reaction was a mixture of shock and happiness.

Kelly ran a reverse, accepting the Eagles' offer after initially declining their overtures and saying he would remain at Oregon.

Now, the innovative offensive guru will try to bring his brand of fast-break football to the NFL.

"I'm in awe right now," Dixon said inside the Ravens' locker room. "I'm at a loss for words. I'm sure it was a business decision, a family decision, but it's really hard to leave the Ducks. I think he is ready for that next step.

"He's done a lot at the University of Oregon. He really put them on the map nationally. I think he can export that same offense and bring that to the NFL. I think he's in a good situation. I could see Michael Vick doing the same things we did at Oregon."

Kelly thrived at the collegiate level, but is he ready to stand in front of a meeting room of grown men and lead an NFL team?

"Without a doubt," Dixon said. "As a man, totally, he will command respect."



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