Bernard Pollard says team supports Ed Reed no matter what

The Baltimore Sun

On Thursday afternoon, Ravens safety Ed Reed told Sirius/XM NFL Radio that he wasn’t 100 percent committed to the 2012 season and that he has considered retirement this offseason and the two previous. He quickly backtracked, releasing a statement later in the day that said he wasn’t referring to retirement.

Throughout this offseason, Reed has made conflicting statements about his playing status -- heck, he has made conflicting statements in some individual interviews -- but team officials expect him to play in 2012.

And no matter what Reed decides to do, fellow safety Bernard Pollard said his teammates support him.

“This is a business and Ed and I have had these talks before, but whatever he decides to do we back him 100 percent,” Pollard told Houston radio station 100.3 KILT on Friday. “The guy is a heck of a football player, he’s been a heck of a football player his whole career and for me it’s exciting playing with him. I guess I will put this out there, he better not leave me hanging so we’ll be alright.”

Reed said Thursday that his health and long-term future were weighing on his mind. Asked about players leaving football because of the fear of getting injured, Pollard said too much is being made of the violence.

“I mean when it’s all said and done, we as players, we know what we signed up for,” the hard-hitting safety said. “This is a violent game, it’s a fun game, it pays well. I have never seen a player give his check back.”

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