Bernard Pollard played with six cracked ribs this season

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens strong safety Bernard Pollard, one of the hardest hitters in the league, played the majority of the season with six cracked ribs.

Pollard first got hurt against the Philadelphia Eagles in the second game, aggravating the injury against the Washington Redskins and missing the final three games of the regular season.

Pollard hadn't previously disclosed the extent of his injury, but acknowledged what he had played through since the season is over and opponents won't be targeting his ailment

"It's tough dealing with pain," said Pollard, who led the Ravens with 98 tackles as well as recording two sacks and a forced fumble. "For us as football players, we know we're going to go through it. At the same time, that's the name of the game. Six of them, yep. Hey, it's up to us to go out there and play and we did." 

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