This year, the Ravens will finish...

If you're one to get your sports information and predictions from national publications and media outlets, and you're a Ravens fan, 2015 looks to be quite the year.

More than one outfit have declared Baltimore the winner of Super Bowl 50 — no "L" in "SB L," as the Romans would write it. A third world championship for Charm City's favorite football team, a second in four seasons.


Mark your calendars for Feb. 7, 2016. Levi's Stadium. Santa Clara, California. John Harbaugh raising the Lombardi Trophy. Joe Flacco embracing Steve Smith Sr., who gets one last ride like another famous Ravens loudmouth headed to the Hall of Fame.

This, of course, is fantasy. Or maybe it's not.


Wait no longer.

Just clip this out and take it with you during football season. You'll want to refer to it whenever your football knowledge needs a jolt.

First, it's wise to break the Ravens' schedule in half. September through October, then November into early January. Part 1 is no doubt more difficult than Part 2, which features a pair of three-game homestands and the bye week.

Best go week-by-week, like the pros do, so you can impress your friends and remember where you heard it first.


Sunday, at Denver

The last time the Ravens played here, Peyton Manning threw something like 38 touchdown passes in a Broncos rout. These days he has no feeling in the fingertips on his right hand. I'm pretty sure Flacco feels just fine.

But this one is about which team's defense is better, and former Bronco Elvis Dumervil gets started on sacking QBs. Ravens 27, Broncos 21 (1-0)

Sept. 20, at Oakland

Back-to-back West Coast (ish) trips takes it toll this week. The Black Hole still remembers Tony Siragusa squashing Raiders QB Rich Gannon flat on the turf in the AFC championship game 14 years ago. A late rushing score from Derek Carr sours the road trip. Raiders 16, Ravens 13 (1-1)

Sept. 27, vs. Cincinnati

Home sweet home, and Justin Forsett reminds everyone who forgot that he finished fifth in the NFL in rushing last year. The Bengals beat Baltimore twice in 2014. That won't happen again this season. Ravens 21, Bengals 13 (2-1)

Oct. 1, at Pittsburgh

The first of five night games for the Ravens won't go well for the road team. Steelers haters saw the team's defense look porous against New England in the season opener, but that changes in this one. Harbaugh looks for a sideline reporter to chew out. Steelers 34, Ravens 24 (2-2)

Oct. 11, vs. Cleveland

Something crazy always seems to happen when the Browns come to town. This year's oddity will be a fake field goal and touchdown from Sam Koch, Westminster resident and ace cornhole player. His TD gives him enough street cred inside the Ravens' locker room to declare him the team champ before any cornhole brackets are devised. Ravens 30, Browns 21 (3-2)

Oct. 18, at San Francisco

West Coast Trip Part Deux starts with the 49ers, and Baltimore gets a preview of what the Super Bowl stadium will look like this year. Whether they'll be watching from the seats or the sidelines remains unknown. Ravens 24, 49ers 9 (4-2)

Oct. 26, at Arizona

Hopefully the team's frequent flyer miles are still valid, because a Monday night visit to the desert is in store. ESPN's Jon Gruden falls in love with Breshad Perriman, who makes his season debut and catches the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds. Gruden proposes during the post-game interview. Ravens 28, Cardinals 27 (5-2)

Nov. 1, vs. San Diego

The Chargers were the victors in a rare Ravens choke job at home when these two met last year. No choking this time, but Jacoby Jones says "Memba me?" with a kickoff return for a TD to put a scare into the M&T masses. Ravens 27, Chargers 17 (6-2)

Nov. 15, vs. Jacksonville

Blake Bortles. That is all. Lardarius Webb's pick-six reminds Ravens fans he still is, in fact, employed by the team. Ravens 20, Jaguars 6 (7-2)

Nov. 22, vs. St. Louis

Baltimore native Tavon Austin comes home and throws a touchdown on a trick play to give the Rams an upset win. South Carroll football fans remember the Cavs doing a better job containing Austin better when he was with Dunbar in a state semifinals. Rams 21, Ravens 7 (7-3)

Nov. 30, at Cleveland

Another Monday night game, another prime-time performance. Johnny Manziel? Nah. Flacco throws two touchdowns and runs in another one, and the Dawg Pound is left with table scraps. Had to try for some sort of canine humor, right? Ravens 20, Browns 14 (8-3)

Dec. 6, at Miami

The Ravens don't let South Beach get to them, although rookie tight end Maxx Williams, all of 21 years old and fair-skinned, forgets his sunscreen and come away with a nasty burn despite only being on the beach for 12 minutes. He scores anyway. Ravens 26, Dolphins 21 (9-3)

Dec. 13, vs. Seattle

Waiting all week for Sunday night? The Seahawks sure have. Marshawn Lynch gets showered with Skittles after 110 yards and two touchdowns. Harbaugh finds Poe, the mascot, and chews him out. Seahawks 33, Ravens 23 (9-4)

Dec. 20, vs. Kansas City

The smell of BBQ doesn't faze Jamaal Charles. One problem: Charles is injured, like always, and has plenty of time to feast on smoked pork in the parking lot. His absence helps the Ravens clinch a playoff spot. Ravens 20, Chiefs 10 (10-4)

Dec. 27, vs. Pittsburgh

Dick LeBeau, now a coach with Tennessee, is released from his current contract for one game so he can come help the Steelers' defense. It matters not. Baltimore helps Pittsburgh throw in the towel. Terrible, I know. Ravens 23, Steelers 17 (11-4)

Jan. 3, at Cincinnati

Flacco is benched after one series, and Matt Schaub comes in for some mop-up action. The game doesn't mean much to the Ravens, but the Bengals need it to earn a wild-card berth. AJ Green gives it to them. Ravens fans rejoice that they never had to see Matt Schaub in any of the first 15 games. Bengals 27, Ravens 13 (11-5)

Not too shabby for the regular season. A divisional title, a Happy New Year, hopes and dreams of a Super Bowl run.

But what about the playoffs predictions, you say? Who stands between the Ravens and Super Bowl 50 glory?

Please. If I knew any of that stuff ahead of time, I'd be writing for Sports Illustrated or yukking it up with Chris Berman.