Terrance West NFL draft diary Feb. 25

Editor's note: Towson junior running back Terrance West declared early for the NFL draft after setting school records with 4,584 rushing yards and 86 touchdowns. The 5-foot-9, 223-pound Baltimore native is not enrolled at Towson this semester as he pursues the NFL and is sharing his draft experiences with Baltimore Sun reporter Aaron Wilson. At the NFL scouting combine, West delivered a strong performance as he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.54 seconds with a 33.5-inch vertical leap and caught the football smoothly in drills. West had formal meetings with 13 NFL teams, including the Ravens and Cleveland Browns. This is the fourth in an occasional series leading up to the draft in May.

It was just an amazing experience being there at the combine. It's been a long journey for me. Being there at the combine was a lot of hard work paying off.

I feel as though I did pretty good. The most important part was the competing part, to show the scouts, no matter what level I played on, that I can compete on any level.

Overall, I had fun. I met new people. Everything is going my way.

The interviews went good. In each and every room, every team I met with, I feel like I won the room. I told them my story about my long journey and they loved it.

I went through the phase of being excited to see the head coaches. One day they might be my coach. I was just being professional.

I showed the teams that I'm big, that I've got great speed and balance. I score touchdowns and I got great vision. That was very important.

IMG [Sports Academy] did a great job of preparing us for all the drills. I had great footwork and I caught every ball thrown to me.

A lot of people are just excited and happy for me. I'm getting a lot of calls and text messages. A lot of people have seen how long it's been for me to get there.

I actually did pretty good. When I looked back at it when I went to my room, I knew I gave everything I had and I'm satisfied with that.

I was happy with the 40 time (4.54 seconds) and the vertical leap. With the bench press (16 reps of 225 pounds), I messed up on my breathing. I'm strong. I'm not worried about that.

We were out there competing. I'm trying to show them that I'm the best back in the draft. I took advantage of the opportunity. A lot of people think it's going to be given to them. I'm going to work for mine.

The grind doesn't stop. I didn't get drafted yet. I'm steady working out and staying focused on the prize.

I have my Pro Day on April 7 at Towson. I"m going to take a few days off this week to relax. I had a long season and then went right to IMG to train. I need to get some time for me and relax. I don't want to beat my body up.

The craziest question I got was from the Browns. They asked what I would do with a paper clip. I said I would use it to fold paper together. I would bend it up and scrape the table. I guess you could use it as a weapon to defend yourself or to unlock handcuffs! They just ask you that to get you off guard and see how creative you can be with your thinking. It was fun.



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