Ravens safety Matt Elam apparently working at Finish Line during offseason

Ravens safety Matt Elam will make $6.767 million over the course of his four-year rookie contract. He doesn't have to pay for the remaining 20 credits he needs to graduate from Florida.

So, naturally, he seems to have gotten a job at the Gainesville, Fla., Finish Line while he completes his anthropology degree.

Elam told the Ravens' team website that he was going back to school in part because of his mother.

“One reason I’m going back is my mom. I promised her I was going to go back,” Elam said.

What's less clear is why a multimillionaire needs an entry-level retail job ... unless you remember that Elam also saved more than $200,000 by not hiring an agent last summer. A 30 percent in-store discount doesn't sound like much, either, until you consider just how many pairs of $100 shoes an NFL player can afford.



(H/T to reader Jesse Brown)

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