Baltimore Ravens

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome 'feeling fine' after trip to Chicago hospital

Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome was back at work at the Ravens' training complex on Monday less than 24 hours after a health scare caused the veteran NFL executive to be hospitalized overnight in Chicago.

Newsome, 57, was taken by ambulance to a Chicago hospital for observation at the advice of team doctors after he said he was not feeling well following the Ravens' 23-20 overtime loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday at Soldier Field. On Monday, Newsome was released and said all of his tests were normal.


"I'm fine," Newsome told The Baltimore Sun on Monday morning while flying back to Baltimore from Chicago. "All my tests were normal and there is nothing wrong with me. They didn't find anything. I'll begin breaking down film this afternoon. It's back to work."

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he saw Newsome at the complex Monday.


"It's good to see Ozzie here," Harbaugh said Monday during his weekly news conference. "He's been here all afternoon working. So, he's back and he has a clean bill of health. We don't know exactly what caused the situation, but it wasn't anything serious. So, he's doing fine."

After watching a five-hour game delayed by severe weather from the press box, Newsome was seen by several reporters sweating profusely while riding on an elevator down to the Ravens' locker room. He was later transported from the stadium via an ambulance to a local hospital.

Harbaugh said he first learned that Newsome wasn't feeling well after his postgame news conference Sunday night. Newsome had already been examined by team doctors.

"At that point in time, they said they thought he was OK," Harbaugh said. "They had done all the tests, so they didn't think it was anything serious. But they had to keep him overnight for observation just to make sure. I know they ran tests pretty much all night, Ozzie said."

A Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end with the Cleveland Browns, Newsome has constructed the rosters for two Super Bowl championship teams in Baltimore.

A fitness enthusiast who frequently works out twice per day, Newsome said it remains unclear what was bothering him. He has no known health issues.

"No, just one of those things, I guess," Newsome said. "We don't know right now."