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Houston Texans' tight ends are in uncharted scoring waters

Owen Daniels had never had more than a single touchdown reception through the first two games of any of his seven previous seasons, and four times in his career he finished an entire year with three or fewer scores.

This season, however, Daniels is already at three and counting. He's one of nine NFL tight ends with multiple visits to the end zone. Also on that list is his backup and fellow Wisconsin Badger, Garrett Graham, who has a pair of TD receptions in the Texans' two come-from-behind victories. Together, they have accounted for five of the team's seven touchdowns.

Simple math tells us that at this pace, they'll finish with 40. Common sense tells us that's not going to happen, but this apparent statistical aberration notwithstanding, it also tells us how important the tight ends are in the Texans' offensive scheme. They always have been. Coach Gary Kubiak collects tight ends with the same passion others reserve for art or wine.

In fact, Tuesday he signed another one, Nathan Overbay, to fill a scout-team role as a practice-squad member. And Ryan Griffin, a promising sixth-round pick from Connecticut, is No. 3 on the active-roster depth chart, playing special teams and waiting for the day Kubiak conjures up a three-tight-end set.

With Kubiak, you never know.

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