Suggs calls Patriots 'arrogant,' tells them to have fun in Pro Bowl

It’s been a long wait for Terrell Suggs to exact his revenge on the New England Patriots, and when the Ravens’ 28-13 win was complete Sunday, he let loose.

"Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl," Suggs said after the game to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports! about the Patriots. "Shut them out in the second half. Arrogant [expletive]. These are the most arrogant [expletive] in the world starting with [coach Bill] Belichick on down."

The Patriots beat the Ravens last year in the AFC championship game, 23-20, but lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants. Suggs didn’t play in the Ravens’ 31-30 win over the Patriots on Sept. 23 because he was recovering from surgery on his torn Achilles.

"That's funny, ever since SpyGate they haven't been able to win," Suggs told Wetzel.

Suggs, who is playing with a torn biceps, later softened his stance, saying "All BS aside they are a hell of a ball club ... They have the right to be arrogant."

He finished with seven tackles (two solo and five assists) and no sacks against the Patriots on Sunday.

But after the game, he certainly was back to being T-Sizzle.

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