Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

Ravens DC Dean Pees enjoying his view from the press box

For the past three weeks, defensive coordinator Dean Pees has been calling plays from the press box instead of the sideline, and the Ravens have won three straight.

He apparently isn't going to return to the field soon.

"When you're upstairs, it expedites the call," said Pees. "You might think that might go the other way around, but being upstairs is actually faster. I used to have to wait to hear what the down and distance were. Sometimes, the ball was across the field and I couldn't tell if it was a hash call or a middle-of-the-field call. Now, I see it right it away and don't have to wait for someone to give me the information.

"I can also see the scheme, where we're getting hurt and make the adjustment to help us out more than if I were on the field."

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