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Torrey Smith's speed doesn't scare Steelers' CBs

Usually, the speed of Ravens receiver Torrey Smith presents a lot of challenges for defenses, but the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't too concerned. Pittsburgh cornerbacks Keenan Lewis and Ike Taylor see that type of speed every day in practice when they go against Mike Wallace, who has 42 catches for 539 yards and six touchdowns.

 “Honestly, he’s a real fast guy but he’s not Mike Wallace," Lewis said of Smith. "We’ve got the fastest guy in the league. Period. Every day. So when you have a guy like that you practice with, especially me in the summer time then every day in practice, I’m feeling pretty comfortable about guarding him.”

Watch for Suggs

I think the Pittsburgh game was the one end/outside linebacker Terrell Suggs circled initially in terms of his comeback from his Achilles injury. Oakland was supposed to be a warm up and then Suggs wanted to go hard against the Steelers. The Ravens were fortunate that Suggs came back nearly a month earlier than anyone expected, but he has played well since the Texans game.

The adrenaline will be flowing so hard Sunday night that Suggs will forget about his injury for good.



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