Raiders deserved embarrassment of fake field goal

Initially, I had problems with the Ravens running a fake field goal and Sam Koch scoring a touchdown. The score was already 41-17 with 9:20 left in the third quarter, and the Oakland Raiders had no chance of catching up.

But once Jacoby Jones ran 105 yards on a kickoff return for a touchdown with 12:34 left in the game, I felt no compassion for Oakland. At that point, the Ravens had to virtually take a knee to not score in the game. On Jones' run, the lead blocker ran through the hole untouched and didn't block anyone.

I have sympathy for a losing team that is coached, trying and is just having bad day. But the Raiders were truly pathetic and had no clue what it takes to win games in the NFL. Once Ravens coach John Harbaugh explained why he ran the fake field goal, that the Raiders overloaded with eight players to one side, it made sense.

I suggest if the Raiders want to avoid more debacles like Sunday and last week against Tampa Bay, they get better coaching. It was apparent that the Raiders' coaching staff was out of its league.


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