Ray Rice appreciates workload vs. Browns

After almost two weeks of inactivity, Ray Rice enjoyed his heaviest workload of the season in Sunday’s 25-15 win against the Cleveland Browns, carrying the football a season-high 25 times for 98 yards and one touchdown.

Although the running back gained just 22 yards on 12 attempts in the second half, Rice was appreciative that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron didn’t stray from the running game.

“We love that. I’ve never been a guy to say, ‘Gimme this,’ or ‘Gimme that,’” Rice said Wednesday. “To be able to stick with the run no matter what it was, and on first down knowing that we were going to dial it, it felt good. It felt good to get my young guy in, Bernard Pierce, and then switch it up. That 1-2 punch was really working.

"I knew all along that this season, I wasn’t going to be able to take the whole load, but it feels good to know that I could get my workload. I get in, I’ve been in on crucial situations, and we get a drive going. But it felt good to know that we were going to run it and be able to do what we did and still build off of that. Later in the year, as it gets cold, you know you’ve got to run the ball a little bit more and be effective. But that’s something we want to grow at. We want to get better as a run group, we want to get better as a pass group, and overall, we just want to be effective.”

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