Mike Preston: Enough already, give Ray Rice the ball more

The excuses from Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron about not using running back Ray Rice are getting old.

They are about 3 years old, which coincidentally, is the time the Ravens and Cameron have spent trying to build the offense around quarterback Joe Flacco.

I understand what they were trying to do, and I think they fell in line with everyone else about the NFL becoming a pass happy league. Maybe that's true, but to adopt that theory you need a great quarterback.

In Flacco, the Ravens have a good one, but one not consistent enough to carry an offense. So basically, the Ravens are back to where they have been the last three years. This is still Rice's offense.

It's time Cameron admitted that as well.

I'm tired of hearing how he is trying to save Rice. If that is indeed the case, then use rookie running back Bernard Pierce more. You don't have to totally abandon the running game.

Also, we keep hearing about how the conditions of the game and the score have dictated when to use or not use Rice.


In the Philadelphia game, the Ravens stopped giving Rice the ball after the first half in a close game. In the Houston game, they took him out of the game plan after the first SERIES.

It was embarrassing.

I'm hoping now that John Harbaugh has instructed Cameron to use either Rice or Pierce more. I'm still bothered by the overuse theory on Rice. The Ravens went to Houston with a chance to have the best record in the AFC and possibly gain the edge for home-field advantage in the playoffs, and there is concern about saving him for a stretch run and the postseason.


Let's just forget all the excuses and just give Rice the ball. Not only is he the best offensive player, but it allows the Ravens to control the clock. In case no one on the offensive staff has noticed, the Ravens are getting dominated in time of possession.

It's time the Ravens were less concerned with reputation and more concerned about what is best for the entire team.

Since Rice entered the league in 2008, the Ravens are 13-2 when he has rushed for more than 100 yards, and 33-5 when he has had 15 or more rushing attempts.

In the words of Bill Clinton, you do the math.

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