Fast start would be nice, but finishing strong just as significant to Cam Cameron

En route to a 12-4 record and the AFC North title in 2011, the Ravens demonstrated a knack for overwhelming their opponents early.

The offense outscored opposing teams 95-42 in the first quarters and 110-86 in the second periods. The unit scored a touchdown on its opening possession in five contests and added field goals in two more games.

While jumping on opponents early and often is a priority for many teams, the Ravens also want to improve their ability to finish drives with touchdowns. The offense finished the regular season ranked 17th in the NFL in red-zone efficiency (25 touchdowns in 49 trips for a 51.0 success rate) and converted just 3-of-7 possessions into six points in two playoff games.

“I think we definitely want to get off to a fast start. That’s one of the expectations, not only in the season, but you want to get off to a fast start in the game,” offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said Friday. “But I think in the back of everybody’s mind, we want to be a great team that can finish. Those are the two expectations, and there are a lot of things in between that – I understand that. The statistics show that if you start fast, you win a lot more than you lose. But if you don’t, then obviously you better be able to do what? You better be able to finish – finish games, finish drives, finish in the red zone. You’re going to hear us talking about that. You’ve heard it throughout the last few years, but I think this year, those two things stand out in my mind. We have expectations for each guy. When it’s all said and done, when this season [is over], however it plays out from start to finish, we want to be the best offense we could have possibly been because we have control over that. You really can’t control other people’s expectations, but we have high expectations. We want to be a great offense. We want to be as good of an offense as we can be.”

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