Harbaugh: fans don't need reassurance

The Ravens are the only team in the NFL to have reached the postseason in each of the last four years and the only team to win a game in each of those playoff years. The club has also been to two AFC championship games.

But that's where the good vibes come to an end. The Ravens are 0-2 in AFC championship games under coach John Harbaugh, and Sunday's 23-20 loss to the New England Patriots may be the bitterest pill to swallow.

Still, Harbaugh disputed the notion that Ravens fans need a shoulder to cry on.

"I really don't think our fans need any reassurance," he said in his post-game comments. "And I don't think they are looking for any. I think our fans understand what's inside our guys and how they fight. I think our fans are proud of what they have done this year and in past years. And our fans, sure, they are disappointed at us losing this game. So are we. We are in that together, in that sense. We wanted to win the game, [but] they won the game. Give them credit, and we'll move forward, and we'll try to become a better football team. And we will become a better football team – that’s what we do."

Inside linebacker Ray Lewis agreed about making the necessary changes to improve.

"From day one, from the time we came from the chance to win the ring, we're going to go right back to work and do the same thing just like all of the 32 teams are," Lewis said. "But there is one thing about my city, my city would never turn their back on us because we’re not going to turn our backs on them. We're grinders. The bottom line is we're coming home. We coming home with smiles, but most importantly, when we start back training, we coming back pissed off. Why wouldn't you be?"

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