Ed Reed conceded he hasn't been playing to his usual expectations

Usually when I criticize Ravens safety Ed Reed he takes it personally, and comes back with attacks on me.

So after yesterday's game against the Houston Texans, I expected him to take some shots at me in the post-game press conferences because he played so well. It would have been par for the course, and I was surprised when he didn't. In retrospect, I think Reed has come to peace with himself about the later stage of his great career. He was very forthcoming.

During his press conference, Reed admitted that he hadn't played well in the previous three or four games as far as tackling, and he also admitted that he was getting old. But as most warriors do when they are criticized, he stepped up instead of backwards. He deserves major props because he pointed fingers at himself and no one else.

"My shoulder actually held up, which I knew, I was just hitting guys today," Reed said. "Better tackling game than I had in the last couple ones, been getting a little criticism on that, but it comes with the territory.”

When asked about his lack of interceptions until yesterday, Reed said: “The picks haven’t been coming because they don’t throw my way as much. I got my hand on two or three before that and didn’t bring them home. It hasn’t been like they’ve been trying [to throw] in my zone. You’ve got to watch the football game and understand what’s going on. Like I said, I missed a couple tackles leading up to this game. It happens. It’s part of the game. I’m also getting old. At one point, I won’t be up here. You’ll be interviewing another safety here in Baltimore.”

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