4-3 scheme has been problem for Ravens

The Ravens two losses this season came against the Titans and Jaguars, both teams which play at 4-3 defense. Traditionally, the Ravens have struggled against the Colts and Bengals, both of which play the 4-3 scheme.

 In the next two weeks, the Ravens play Seattle and the Bengals, so they'll be going against the 4-3 again. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said the team has looked over previous game plans and might make some changes to see if they can be more successful. One area of concern has been the Ravens lack of ability to get to and block the middle linebacker.

"Those types of defenses are quick and penetrating," said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. "It's not just the teams we've faced this year, but traditionally we've had trouble with those types of teams."

Ravens running back Ray Rice said: "You have to attack them. The thing is with the 4-3 fronts, different than the 3-4, obviously is a different structure. Blocking assignments are probably a little bit different, a little bit more downhill rather than East and West."

The Ravens aren't used to seeing a 4-3 that much, and practice against a 3-4 regularly in practice. 

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