Still waiting to see Torrey Smith's speed

Wide Receiver Torrey Smith, the Ravens' second-round pick out of Maryland, got into the game a couple of times Sunday, but I'm not sure he understands his role, or the plays that are called.

Smith is supposed to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, player on the roster, yet a couple of us in the pressbox repeatedly watched him jog through plays.

It's hard to see this on the TV screen because the cameras don't show the entire field. But there were at least two occasions when he came soft off the line of scrimmage and ran without a purpose. We were unsure if he was a primary or secondary target, but there is no reason for him not to run hard.

It's just strange watching the Ravens invest a second-round pick on a player who reportedly has so much speed, but aren't able to use it to their advantage.

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