Hey, Jamison! Ravens beat reporter on Gaither, draft class, Oher

Hey, Jamison,

When are the Ravens going to cut the malingering Jared Gaither? Reading about this guy is making me ill.

Steve in Aberdeen

Hey, Steve

Judging by coach John Harbaugh's recent comments, the end could be near for Gaither. The Ravens will have some tough decisions next week when two players (safety Ed Reed and linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo) are activated off the physically-unable-to-perform list. That might be the time when the Ravens are forced to place Gaither on injured reserve. The Ravens originally thought he would already be playing by now. But Gaither's back injury hasn't shown any signs of improving. The Ravens have carried Gaither on the roster for six weeks now. Time is running out on Gaither.

Hey, Jamison,

Although [Ravens general manager] Ozzie [Newsome] seems to get so much credit with his draft picks, don't you think the past two years have been flops? [ Michael] Oher is working out OK, but the No. 2 pick last year (Paul Kruger) has rarely shown up and seems to be injury-prone. And this year, [Sergio] Kindle is out and is questionable if he will ever play. The other (Terrence Cody) is either injury-prone or buffet-line prone. The tight ends drafted have played little, and the last pick (Ramon Harewood) is out for the year. No real impact players have been drafted. Your comments please.

Bob in Carolina Shores, N.C. (former Marylander from Catonsville)

Hey, Bob

The Ravens obviously thought they would be getting more out of their draft class at this point. But Kindle's accident put him out for the season, and Cody's knee injury sidelined him for the first couple of weeks. So, after five games, this class isn't getting a passing grade. Still, to accurately judge this class, you have to wait at least three years.

The big-picture outlook for this draft class is still bright. The Ravens still have a chance to develop quality starters in Cody, tight end Ed Dickson, defensive tackle Art Jones and even offensive tackle Ramon Harewood. Let's show some patience with this group.

Hey, Jamison,

Oher looks to be consistantly, though not constantly, jumping the snap count when starting his backpedal, and yet, the refs are not throwing flags at him. Is this an optical illusion or is he able to "hit the switch and jump into bed before the light goes out", or, if not, is someone working with him to correct this habit?

Richard in Dallas

Hey, Richard

I agree that it looks like Oher is jumping offside, but the Ravens say the officials have called it wrong a couple of times last year. The Ravens even sent in tape for the NFL to review it this offseason.

This is what Harbaugh had to say about this issue earlier this month: "When you frame-by-frame it, he is right with the ball, and we practice that every single day. He's so quick and athletic getting depth, it looks like he's out there earlier than everybody else. It's something Michael does really well."


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