Hey Jamison: Q&A with Ravens beat reporter Jamison Hensley

Hey, Jamison

Since it appears that Gaither, injury or not, is not going to be able to man down the right tackle spot, do you see the Ravens going after a tackle in next year's draft, or do you see them looking to Cousins, Moll, Harewood to take the job?

Rod Jackson, Randallstown

Hey, Rod

The Ravens appear to have lost confidence in Gaither. Injuries and a dramatic weight loss can cause team officials to shake their head. It's hard to believe that Gaither is in their long-term plans when the Ravens can't even count on him week to week.

Looking ahead to the 2011 draft, it would fit the Ravens' trend if they selected an offensive lineman early. The Ravens' starting offensive line in the season opener had two first-round picks (left tackle Michael Oher), a second-round one (right guard Chris Chester) and a third-rounder (right tackle Marshal Yanda). But the Ravens don't feel pressured to draft a right tackle. Don't rule out Cousins or Harewood starting at right tackle in the future. The coaches see potential in both of them.

Hey, Jamison

Have asked this question before on different sites but have not gotten an answer. I was wondering about Jason Phillips and his problem with pass defense, is it a technical, physical, or mental problem? Being in Redskins territory I don't get too much in-depth information on the Ravens.

Bill Simering, Stafford, Va.

Hey, Bill

What hurts Phillips is his ability to play in space. That's not a knock on him. That's just his weakness. The St. Louis Rams exposed that in the preseason finale.

Phillips made the team because of his physical play on special teams and his effort against the run. When players are within his grasp, they go down. He is a very sure tackler.

Hey, Jamison

Wondering why the Ravens haven't shown interest in veterans Justin Hartwig or Tony Ugoh? Hartwig gives you depth at C and G if you are starting Chester with Yanda at tackle and Ugoh is a young former Colts starter at tackle. Both would seem to have more value than Moll.

Michael Dubsky, Hampden

Hey, Michael

Hartwig is an interesting option as an interior lineman He was cut by Pittsburgh because he was beaten out by first-round pick Maurkice Pouncey in the preseason. His $2 million salary made him too expensive as a backup. Hartwig will help a team out this season and recently tried out for the Cincinnati Bengals. The reason why Moll is more valuable at this point is his versatility. He can play guard or tackle.

As far as Ugoh, he didn't make an Indianapolis Colts team that is hurting along the offensive line. The Colts were so desperate that they tried out former Ravens practice squad player Joe Reitz. So, Ugoh is far from the slam-dunk answer at right tackle for the Ravens.

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